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Brandon Benson, is the owner of Machineguns Plus. He is a full-time police sergeant with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Machineguns Plus is a stocking dealer for Advanced Armament Corporation, Yankee Hill Machine, Gemtech, AWC, Silencerco, Tactical Solutions, Thunderbeast Arms and Elite Iron silencers.  Machineguns Plus is one of only a few class III dealers in Oklahoma to actually STOCK MACHINE GUNS! None of this "I can transfer one in for you if you find one out there somewhere." We carry both transferable and post '86 machine guns for law enforcement agencies.

On hand are AR15's, handguns, AOW's, silencers and machine guns.

References are gladly available upon request.

I can guarantee you will receive the best customer service when purchasing either a box of ammo or a $25,000 machine gun from Machineguns Plus.

Almost always, your calls or emails are returned within 24 hours or less.

WE DON'T CLAIM  to be the biggest silencer dealer in the nation.  I am NOT the biggest silencer seller in the State of Oklahoma.  Because of that, my customer service IS the best in Oklahoma.  No BS from Machineguns Plus.  If it's not in stock or we have no idea when it will be here, you will be told that.  No "It will be here next week" crap and 3 months later you are still wondering where you product or your money is.

I look forward to doing forward to business with you.



Brandon Benson, owner

Machineguns Plus


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