Benson Firearms in Oklahoma City

Law Enforcement Sales and Trades

Machineguns Plus offers a trade-in program for the law enforcement community that takes in your older and obsolete fully automatic or semi automatic firearms and upgrade the agency with new equipment. I have taken in everything from old Thompson sub-machineguns to post-86 M14 machineguns that the agency believed they would never get rid of, let alone get new Colt Commando's for the trade!

Options available for trade can be new handguns, sniper or full auto rifles, duty use semi-automatic rifles, TASERS, shotguns, radars, emergency lights, body armor, dashboard cameras or whatever else comes to mind. I can also trade them for cold, hard cash (in small, un-marked bills if so desired!!!).

These types of "trades" are perfectly legal and a great way for agencies to get the new equipment they need AND to dispose of evidence from closed out criminal cases. I have references available from several agencies as well.


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