Benson Firearms in Oklahoma City

Purchase Terms

Machineguns Plus accepts accepts cash, money orders and personal checks and USPS money orders . Returned checks are subject to a $30 fee in accordance with Oklahoma State statutes and may be held for ten (10) days until funds are confirmed. Oklahoma State sales tax applies to over the counter sales and mail order sales when shipped to Oklahoma residents within the Great RED State of Oklahoma. 

Shipping and Handling is $13.50 on all .22LR silencer orders (lower 48 states). 

Shipping and Handling is $15.00 for all rifle caliber silencer orders (lower 48 states).

Most handguns and long guns are $25.00.  Mounts are $7.99.

Machine guns typically are $100.00 via USPS Registered Mail.

(actual shipping prices may vary depending on value of firearms).






A 35% restocking fee is required on special ordered items such as silencers, firearms or accessories ordered from the manufacturer. Some orders may require payment in full prior to ordering the product. The reason for this is that many times the item is user specific. Meaning...the purchaser wants a certain thread pitch or special silencer for a particular platform which is rare and not easily sold on the open market.

A 35% restocking fee also applies to any cancelled orders pertaining to any and all NFA/Class III items (silencers, machineguns, AOW's, SBR/SBS) after submitting paperwork to the Bureau of A.T.F.E. 

This fee also applies to items that are not claimed within one (1) year.

Personal checks will be held until the funds clear the bank.  Typically that is ten (10) business days.

For specific information regarding legal ownership of a class III (Title II) item please read the FAQ pages by clicking here.


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